The Audio Book in the first part of the Langbourne Series.  This is still in production.  It will come in 3 types - Downloadable, CD, or USB Flash Drive.  For updates on the release dates, please follow the Landau Books Facebook page or Twitter on Twitter (@landaubooks).

Langbourne Audio Book

  • Fleeing persecution in Poland, a young Jewish family settled in England where two brothers begin work in a cigarette factory. Enduring poverty and scant support from their father after their mother dies, the brothers decide to take matters into their own hands and set sail for Africa.

    It was 1891 when Morris and David, both young teenagers, arrived in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  With neither family nor friends they decide to try their hand in the cigarette business, the only thing they knew.  They befriend Nguni, a large and well-muscled man of the Xhosa tribe, who leads them into the African bush to find a tobacco farming community and to offer protection from the dangers of wild animals that they never even knew existed. 

    With the solid grounding their parents instilled in their upbringing, the boys learn to adapt and accept Africa’s ways, her people and her cultures. 

    Taking on a life filled with danger, mystery and strange customs is one thing, but can they take on an international corporation and survive?

    This book based on a true story.

  • The Audio Book comes in three forms:
    USB Flash Drive