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Southern Christmas Lunch


On Sunday 28th November 2021 we had our Southern Christmas lunch at Diggies Kiama, which has magical views of the bay and Kiama harbour and just behind the famous ‘Blow Hole”. 


Although we were led to believe it was ‘summer’, it was a cold, wet and windy day attended by sixteen Rhodesians, who as usual spent three hours of solid chatting about the old and new days.


Our meals were fantastic, and I think that between us all we had everyone one on the menu. 


Unfortunately, we were not able to toast the Regiment as we only occupied a corner spot in a very busy restaurant. Alum Vaughan was the senior Troop, but declined to do the toast, so next in line, only by a few numbers mind you, was Ian Pullar who would have proposed the toast.


As can been seen in the photograph of him, our immediate past Chairman, now Vice Chairman, Simon Johnstone is looking remarkably well after his ‘near’ death encounter with leukemia during the year. Simon travelled from Canberra along with Jeremy Taylor, ex Police Reserve, to join up with us.  






The event had a secret Santa with some lovely surprising SANTA presents enjoyed by all.


It was indeed fantastic that we were able to have the luncheon, as many New South Wales events have had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.



            7028 Alan Prince – Eileen – 5832 Ian Pullar                 Ann-Marie Pullar -8514 Rob Percival – Felicity Percival


  Jacqui Hadfield – Jeremy Taylor – Sharon & Errol Tredoux    Errol Tredoux – Marion Vaughan – 5781 Alun Vaughan


          7773 Simon Johnstone                                                           Lesley Hadfield – 8755 Alan Hadfield



   Rob Percival discussing his present with Ann-Marie                 Alan and Eileen enjoying the beer, with Ian Pullar

   Pullar whilst Felicity Percival admires here present                   looking at Ann-Marie’s present.  

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