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Langbourne's EVOLUTION


Book 4 of the series, Langbourne's Evolution picks up the story in 1898 when Morris, David, Louis and Harry discuss their successes and future plans.


Morris naturally assumes the head of the family, at a mere 22 years of age, and plots a commercial course for the brothers. With business booming, there is nothing to stop Morris from realising his dreams, and so begins the expansion of the business into an international concern.


But Mother Africa, as is her way, has plans of her own. Tensions between the British and the Boer settlers suddenly escalate into all-out war, and the Langbourne boys are once again embroiled in their survival and that of their business ventures.  


At such young ages, it is hard to believe what they must endure. 


Enjoy reading this book as historic events unfold in a delightful story. Meet famous political and military figures in a different light as the Langbourne's cross paths with heroes and villains in their quest to overcome impossible odds. 

Langbourne's Evolution, based on a fascinating and true story.



Books and material consulted in the research the Langbourne Series:

                         (Listed by date of publication.)


Rhodesia Past and Present - SJ Du Toit (1897)

Three Years in Savage Africa - Lionel Decle (1898)

’96 Rebellions - BSAC Reports (1898) 

On the South African Frontier - William Harvey Brown (1899)

Sketches in Mafeking and East Africa - RSS Baden-Powell (1907)

Jock of the Bushveld - P Fitzpatrick (1907)

Southern Rhodesia - Fergus W Ferguson (1909) (Rare Book)

Old Rhodesian Days - Hugh Marshal Hole (1928)

Commando - Deneys Reitz (1929)

The Monuments of Southern Rhodesia - RJ Fothergill (1953)

The White Whirlwind - TV Bulpin (1961)

Encyclopaedia Rhodesia - The College Press (1973)

A Guide to the Rock Art of Rhodesia - CK Cooke (1974)

Rhodesia Before 1920 - National Gallery of Rhodesia & 

National Historical Association of Rhodesia (c.1975)

The Boer War - Thomas Pakenham (1979)

Running the Gauntlet - George Mossop (1990) (1930)

Girl in a Blue Bonnet - Dot Scott (2007)




Records, journals, documents, letters, interviews and photos of the

                       descendants of the Landau Family

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