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Based on a true story, “To Brave Men” tells the tale of three remarkable young men whose lives are intricately woven together in the early years of the 1890s.


Fred, the son of an American preacher, and raised on a Sioux Indian Reservation, is driven by a burning love for adventure and discovery, while Allan, a reluctant apprentice banker in Scotland, yearns for a life of passion and purpose beyond the confining walls of his prestigious job. Mjaan, hailing from Africa, is a family man, and yet a formidable warrior who embodies unwavering loyalty to his regiment, his culture, and above all, his powerful King.


Their individual stories, exquisitely brought to life, form the foundation of this captivating narrative. Yet, it is the hands of fate that intertwine their destinies, binding them together in a way that they could never anticipate. 


When cultures and loyalty collide along a treacherous path, bravery, leadership, and courage emerge from these young men on an unexpected level. Unknowingly, their meeting forces a dramatic and irreversible shift in southern Africa’s history with significant repercussions. 

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