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Alan Landau was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) in 1959.  In 1978 he joined the British South Africa Police (formally the BSAC).  At that time Rhodesia was entangled in a civil war that ended in 1980.  After serving in the new Zimbabwe Republic Police for a short time, Alan retired to enter the commercial world.


Alan worked in Zimbabwe’s famous tobacco industry for five years before joining his father and ultimately taking over the family business when his father retired to the UK.  Alan was involved in the travel, tourism, hotel, property, financial and retail sectors.  His service to his community took the form of Rotary International with a committed focus on the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.  


In 2001 Alan migrated to Brisbane, Australia, where he bought a franchise in the retail sector, which he successfully ran with his late wife and two children.  In 2012 he sold the business and went into semi-retirement.  He now pursues his hobbies of writing, travelling, wildlife safaris and ornithology.


Alan lives in Brisbane with his partner, Sharon.

I picked it up this morning and have done nothing else but read it. I could not put it down. I have just finished it. Wow what an adventure and so well written and easy to read. I have spent the most enjoyable day with the Langbourne Brothers, I will be lost without them,


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Please keep writing - your books have been fantastic can't wait for the next one. 

Therese Demaine

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One of the best.  Writing is AMaZING!!!! I couldn’t put the book down.  Great Story!!!

Joy M Johnson

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Wonderfully written page turner that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Highly recommended easy yet gripping read.

Trevor Lobel

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The first book in the ‘Langbourne’ series. Set in 1891 it tells the story of two young Irish brothers who set sail for Africa to seek a better life. Based on a true story and actual events.

Langbournes Rebellion


The second book in the ‘Langbourne’ series. This book continues the fascinating story of the Langbourne brothers as they explore deeper into Africa’s heartland, encountering the perils, fears and joys of this most mysterious continent. Based on a true story and actual historical events, this story is told from the perspective of these two young entrepreneurs.

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