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I would like to thank Scarlett Rugers in Melbourne for designing the cover for ‘Langbourne’ and her constant reassurances as the process of publishing this book progressed.  My thanks also to Jason Anderson of Palgarus Studio for formatting the ebook version.  A special thanks to Cindy Kramer (Cape Town) for all her hard work of editing and correcting the thousands of mistakes I made, always so encouraging and always there for me.  My sincere thanks to Sandra Anderson for her much needed feedback, and I thank my life-long friend, Martin Robinson, who cast his eye over this book several times, and for his inspiration and support when I needed honest advice.


In the research of this book I give thanks to John S Landau (USA) David Landau (UK)  Steve Landau (USA) and Alan and Jenny Paul (UK) Nancy Wiseman (USA) Bill Rich (USA) Richard Landau (South Africa) Felicity Lowinger (Canada) and Carol and Johnny Dardagan (Zimbabwe) for the information, photos and stories of the Langbourne brothers.


A very special thanks to a most remarkable woman, Pam Sussman Landau (Canada), who as a young girl personally knew the Langbourne brothers.  Her fascinating memories of the family enabled me to record this story that surely would have been lost in the confusion of history forever.  My gratitude to my good friend Phil Ineson for his technical guidance on the weapons used in the story.


My thanks to my son and daughter, John and Cherie, for their wonderful support and patience as I incessantly babbled about the book over countless coffees dates.  And a special thanks to my partner, Sharon De Bruyn, for her constant encouragement, support and enthusiasm that kept me going to the final full stop and beyond.



Acknowlegements for ‘Langbourne’

Five Stars.

Daphnie Wilkinson

Amazon Review

VERY frustrated!  Have just finished your book and cannot wait for the next!

Bartbara Harmel

Johannesburg, South Africa

A Fabulous, Fast and Factual Book.

Annie Oakleigh

Amazon Review

Loved reading the book> Had a guest staying and he could not put the book down and got up at night to finish it before leaving.

Alta Oosthuizen

Cape Town

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The first book in the ‘Langbourne’ series. Set in 1891 it tells the story of two young Irish brothers who set sail for Africa to seek a better life. Based on a true story and actual events.

Langbournes Rebellion


The second book in the ‘Langbourne’ series. This book continues the fascinating story of the Langbourne brothers as they explore deeper into Africa’s heartland, encountering the perils, fears and joys of this most mysterious continent. Based on a true story and actual historical events, this story is told from the perspective of these two young entrepreneurs.

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