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#1 Best Sellers

Amazon No 1 Bestseller Screenshot 4.jpg

In December 2018, while checking the Amazon website to see when they uploaded 'Langbourne's Loyalty', a little orange tab appeared above 'Langbourne's Evolution'.


Curious to see what it was, a click on the tab took us to the Amazon Best Seller Listing.


We were surprised to see that 'Evolution' was listed at the #1 position in the category 'African Dramas and Plays'. Not only that, 'Rebellion' was at #2, and 'Empire' was at #6. ('Evolution' audiobook was listed at #29.)


Three titles in the Top 10 Best Seller list at the same time! Never in Alan's wildest dreams did he expect that. 


He owes this all to his readers, for whom he is most grateful!

(A few days after 'Langbourne's Loyalty' was released on Amazon, it leapfrogged to the #1 Best Seller List.)

No 1 Rank Empire.jpg
No 1 Rank Evolution.jpg
No 1 Rank Loyalty.jpg
Amazon Best Seller 4 books 15-12-18.jpg

And then, on the 13th January 2019, all 4 books in the Top 4 psoitions!!

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 1.08.42 pm.png
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