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Deep in the Australian Outback, two facilities operate side by side, separated by a security fence.

Amanda Richardson works in a top-secret US intelligence gathering facility. Lucas Kahn works in the neighbouring Australian satellite tracking observatory.

A chance encounter through double-glazed windows, and the realisation they can

communicate with Auslan sign language, develops into a complicated romance.

What they learn from each other reveals a terrifying political endgame - and people will kill to keep that a secret.

E-Book - "Of Sand and Stars" by Brenda Kate

  • If you download directly to a tablet, open the downloaded file on your tablet and your preferred reader app should automatically open.

    To receive an ebook on your electronic reader, first, ensure you save the downloaded file to a folder you can find on your computer. Then, follow these steps:

    • Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
    • Once connected, your device should appear on your computer as a removable storage device.
    • Locate the ebook file on your computer that you'd like to transfer to your device.
    • Drag and drop the ebook file from your computer to the appropriate folder on your device. (For most models, this is typically the "Books" folder.)
    • Safely eject your device from your computer.
    • Your ebook should now be accessible on your device for you to read.

    In the case of a Kindle reader, we suggest you download the file as usual and then email the file to your specific Kindle email address. This can be found on your Kindle device at Settings>Your Account>Send-to-Kindle E-Mail. Your address will look something like *****@KINDLE.COM

    The e-book should appear in your Library about five minutes later. If not, try and sync from your Kindle App.

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