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I have not read for at least 15 years. I am in love. I am about to start the 4th book and cannot wait. Well done and thank you for valuable lessons of never giving up in business.


Website Feedback

Oh my goodness I am loving Loyalty, can’t put the bloody thing down.You write so beautifully, I am living their life as I read, can’t wait for more, you will have to go on and on.

Tracey Luke

facebook Feedback

Oh wow!  I’m so fulfilled with the reading of "Loyalty" and so excited about the next book . The ending was phenomenal; the character development brilliant; the friendships; the brotherhood — so so good Alan. Thank you !

Lindsay Smith

Facebook Feedback (Australia)

I am an 82 year old Briton visiting my daughter near Stellenbosch and she gave me the first 4 Langbourne books for Christmas. It is an amazing story and you tell it exceedingly well. I have read all four straight off, enjoying each so much that I could not put it down. I compliment you!


Website Review

My father-in-law gave us your first three books and each one had me totally gripped. Your writing is so compelling and interesting. For Christmas I received your next too and again I could not put them down until I had finished reading. The history is fascinating but also from a business perspective, I teach High School Accounting and would love for every child who is inclined towards business to read your books. I can't wait for the next book!

Leonie Tanser

Website Review

I must ask you to please tell Alan that his first 3 books have been devoured by 3 generations of my family, they all loved the books.  Having had my great great-grandparents in Matabeleland in the 1860s and being an affectionado of anything to do with Pioneer days, I was especially fascinated by the stories.  My daughter-in-law, who teaches business science and accounts was fascinated by the business acumen, whilst my grandson, aged 16, loved them as he was able to marvel how such youngsters of his age set forth undaunted to search for adventure.

Tim Tanser

E-Mail Feedback (Zimbabwe)

Cracking book!

Excellent book, so pleased that I have discovered this writer.

Dr RW Luke

(Amazon Review - UK)

One of the best trilogies of African adventures I have read. I read everything I can get my hands on about African historical fiction and these books are amongst the best. I can't wait for the other stories to be added to these. Brilliant!

Eric Wilson

Website Feedback (Australia)

Anyone born in Rhodesia, in fact anyone interested in the history of Southern Africa will love Alan’s books. Prepare to be homesick though!  Alan describes so vividly Africa, the people, the animals and plant life we all grew up with.  I personally wish I had asked my parents more about their experiences in Johannesburg, Mafeking and Bulawayo in the late 1800’s.  PE, East London, all places we love - fascinating references in Alan’s books. Can’t wait for the next one Alan!


Amazon Review

I love reading about the unspoilt and 'raw' Africa and what it must have been like for the pioneers and early settlers going to Rhodesia.  You've done such an amazing job of writing this story.

Norma McDonald

New Zealand

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!  Mr Landau, I am my school's top reader, and your books, in my opinion, are right up there (If not above) the classics. 

Scott Paris

Website Review - Eastern Cape

I am now halfway through the third Langbourne book and use every spare minute to read another chapter or two.

Mike Garden

Editor : Bambazonke News

The best books ever, loved every page, now where is No3 please waiting with bated breath .........what an adventure !!!!!!!!!

Gracie Blowers

Facebook Comment

I just want to let you know that my hubby Tim is half way through your first book and says it is excellent.  He says you are a very skilled writer and he is enjoying your book immensely.


I should have got you to sign my copies before you become famous!

Margie Searson

Queensland, Australia

My mom, being an avid reader, read it right away and thoroughly enjoyed it. She commented on how well it was written. I shall certainly get her every book you write. Well done!

Gae Southey Zeller

South Africa

Oh my gosh Alan - I can't express how much I enjoyed reading both books and can't wait for the next one. And because I know you, while reading, I could almost hear you speaking. You are so talented, my friend.

Sharon Childes

Facebook Review

I got copies of Langbourne and Langbourne's Rebeliion to take on our 2 week holiday, mainly around Kruger. Loved them - I have often wondered how a person reacts the first time they see Africa - Rebellion has wonderful descriptions of just that, before Nat Geo etc! Alan Landau, congratulations! Look forward to reading part 3.

Trish Leonard

Facebook Review

We had supper with friends on Fri, to whom I had lent your books. I had forgotten, thought our kids had them! She loved them so much she lent them to 3 other friends & then at the supper the discussion around them led to having to lend them to another woman there & then the other woman guest wants to read them after her!!!  We are all waiting with anticipation for the next book, Alan 😳!

Clare Morris

Western Cape, South Africa

Congratulations on the release of your third book - the first 2 were absolutely wonderful - could hardly put them down - so well written and very factual - very excited to read the next episode

Jenny (Pichanick) Roy

Website Review

These books are the type of stories that are very hard to put down, once I starting reading I enjoyed every little event and struggle the brothers endured.

Julie Rissman

Queensland, Australia

I have not enjoyed reading so much in a very long time.  Your books have replenished that love.  You have such a gift for writing (in such a clean fresh way) and please don't stop.

Grace Blowers


Was a wonderful in depth story but I could really relate with the characters and I can't wait for the sequel to be finished.

Debbie Portch

Queensland, Australia

I found the books very interesting. As I enjoy reading true life events. The author showed great knowledge in the subject of African History.

Fred Rissman

Queensland, Australia

It was wonderful. The books reminded me of the stories my father would tell me of his life and his family's beginnings, in the outback country of Australia.

Dianne Walker

Queensland, Australia

I have just bought and read both of these books (Langbourne and Rebellion) and couldn’t put them down – such an interesting read.  This is a side of the early pioneers that I have not come across before – it’s history but it’s so personal and such a different aspect to the usual information. 

Jo Dunne

Perth, Australia

Loved reading the book> Had a guest staying and he could not put the book down and got up at night to finish it before leaving. 

Alta Oosthuizen

Cape Town was a wonderful read and so well written. When I picked it up I could not stop and finished it in record time. Well done...I look forward to reading more of your books!

Jacques de Jongh

Western Cape, South Africa

A Fabulous, Fast and Factual Book. 

Annie Oaklea

Amazon Review

VERY frustrated!  Have just finished your book and cannot wait for the next! 

Barbara Harmel

Johannesburg, South Africa

Hey Alan, What an amazing tale... 



Slept in Alan because I couldn't put it down last night!!Love, love, love this book!!!  

Alissa Ruhle

Queensland, Australia

This is a great debut book from Alan Landau. 

Fiona Hawkins

Amazon Review

What a great read - whether you are from Africa or not - get this book - you will not want to put it down! Looking forward to the next story!! 

Bryan Loxton

Wellington, New Zealand

This writing is riveting and couldn’t put it down.  When is the next book???  

Joy M Johnson

Amazon Review

I enjoyed every single page and it brought to life the story of the Langbourne brothers, Morris and David.  A well written and researched book, based on fact . A great read. 

Ann Carter


Thoroughly enjoyed both books. I loved the ambition the brothers showed to make something out of their poor beginnings.

Charym Rissman

Queensland, Australia

Five Stars. 

Daphnie Wilkinson

Amazon Review

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" I have just finished the series and this is one amazing story after another told by a great storyteller and based on a true story!  


The story follows these intelligent, entrepreneurial and resourceful brothers across continents on one amazing adventure after another.  On their journey, you will be part of history from the late 1800s to the latter part of the 1900s and learn about cultures, history, wars, uprisings and amongst it all, relationships and establishing and building enterprises.


Alan has managed to do great justice to this amazing family story – it is one incredible episode after another, and you could not possibly conjure up the events.


I particularly enjoyed the last book in the series where the characters and family's final stories are told. The series has been a great journey. Well done! "


David Licence

Australia 2023

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