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Especially for Zimbabwe!

Have you considered reading the Langbourne Series on your smartphone?

Especially for the Zimbabwe market, Smartphone versions of Alan's Langbourne Series can now be purchased with EcoCash, and an exclusive version will be sent to your phone via Whatsapp!

The file is in the international standard epub format, which can be read on most built-in or free e-reader apps, such as the Kindle App or iBooks App.  


Your book will go with you wherever your phone goes, and that's everywhere! 

To purchase an e-book, please WhatsApp your EcoCash payment and the code of the book to:

Your e-book will be delivered to your phone via WhatsApp within 24 hours!

US$ 5.99
Code: LBWA
US$ 5.99
Code: LRWA
US$ 6.99
Code: LEWA

WhatsApp EcoCash price and code to 

071 262 2884
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