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"What extraordinary people. A great must read saga. Every episode (book) a page turner. The best of fiction writers could never create better.
Anonymous Amazon Review, 18 May 2022
(Verified Purchase: Langbourne's LEGACY)

The Langbourne Novels

Langbourne by Alan P Landau

LANGBOURNE: The year is 1891, and two young boys (aged only 15 and 16) escape the poverty, cold and hunger of Ireland to find a new life in South Africa.  


Without friend or family at their destination, they start a tobacco business and learn to adapt to the way of life, the cultures and wildlife of a very new and strange world.

The Langbourne series is based on a true story.

Langbourne's Rebellion by Alan P Landau

REBELLION: It's now 1893.  After selling their tobacco business, Morris and David set off to open a business as general traders north of the Limpopo River, at a settlement called Bulawayo, in a new country called Rhodesia.  


With unbelievable courage, these two boys risk their lives to walk northwards into the African bush for three months.


What they don't know is that tensions are rising between the Matabele nation and the European settlers.  

Langbourne's Empire by Alan P Landau

EMPIRE: 1894 - 1897.  After losing almost everything in the Matabele rebellion, the brothers begin to rebuild their devastated business.  With Morris' sharp brain, and David's limitless energy, they begin in earnest, taking massive risks. But no one could have seen plague, drought, disease and war on the horizon.


However, these are the Langbourne brothers, and they will not be beaten! 

Based on a true story.

EVOLUTION: It is 1898 in Bulawayo, Rhodesia, and the Langbourne brothers’ business is maturing, and so are the boys.


Morris decides the time is right for them to expand the business into Europe and he leaves his younger siblings to grow the African operation while he returns to his homeland in Ireland.

But, Africa works in her mysterious ways; good plans are always put to the test, and this is no exception for the Langbourne brothers.

Based on the true story of the Langbourne brothers.

3D Book Loyalty.jpg

LOYALTY: Early 1900, and the Anglo Boer War is almost over, or so everyone thinks. 

It is also a time for joy, marriages and family, but also sorrow and sadness. 

The early years of 1900 bring opportunities for prosperity, and in true Langbourne style, they take risks and knuckle down to capitalise on them.

But to do this, loyalty is paramount, and it comes in all sorts of ways, and from some very unexpected quarters.

Based on a true story, the Langbourne legend continues.

Cover 3D.jpg

LEGACY: The final book in the Langbourne Series. 

Nguni pays David a surprise visit on his back verandah. It has been decades since they last met. Over a pot of tea, the old friends reminisce over their past. They are older men now.

Sharing sadness and grief, along with laughter and joy, the men talk well into the late afternoon.


The stories told are a joy for these two old buffaloes.

Based on a true story, this book has a bonus chapter at the end that gives a brief overview of the real brothers.

"So it is when old friends meet,
    The stories must be told."
Langbourne's Legacy

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I was in awe, I loved it all, honest and humbly written, and yet I held my breath. It is Africa at its best and worst, a story that needs to be read.

Louzanne Bredenhann

Manager - Bargain Books, Plettenberg Bay

The books are so natural that you live thru the experience.

Ashley Thompson (Johannesburg)

Website Feedback

Hi Alan. Been on tour in Zimbabwe and one of my guests, Tinkie, has been reading aloud some parts of your book and she has also been asking loads of questions about Rhodesia. I would tell some of the history that I know and then she would also read in your book.  Your books are fantastic and just want to complement you on your work. Tinkie can’t seem to put your book down. Well done ,,, awesome work.

Zuga Kruger

Tour Guide - Zimbabwe

I am 49% through Alan's book. I can't put it down but I have to as I need to sleep 😬😬

Donna Gray (Australia)

Website Comment

I have not read for at least 15 years. I am in love. I am about to start the 4th book and cannot wait. Well done and thank you for valuable lessons of never giving up in business.


Website Feedback

Oh my goodness I am loving Loyalty, can’t put the bloody thing down . You write so beautifully, I am living their life as I read, can’t wait for more, you will have to go on and on.

Tracey Luke

Facebook Feedback

Oh wow! I’m so fulfilled with the reading of "Loyalty" and so excited about the next book . The ending was phenomenal; the character development brilliant; the friendships; the brotherhood — so so good Alan. Thank you !

Lindsay Smith

Facebook Feedback

I must ask you to please tell Alan that his first 3 books have been devoured by 3 generations of my family, they all loved the books. Having had my great great-grandparents in Matabeleland in the 1860s and being an affectionado of anything to do with Pioneer days, I was especially fascinated by the stories.  My daughter-in-law, who teaches business science and accounts was fascinated by the business acumen, whilst my grandson, aged 16, loved them as he was able to marvel how such youngsters of his age set forth undaunted to search for adventure.

Tim Tanser (Zimbabwe)

E-mail Review

Cracking book!

Excellent book, so pleased that I have discovered this writer.

Dr R W Luke (UK)

Amazon Review

One of the best trilogies of African adventures I have read. I read everything I can get my hands on about African historical fiction and these books are amongst the best. I can't wait for the other stories to be added to these. Brilliant!

Eric Wilson

Website Feedback (Australia)

Anyone born in Rhodesia, in fact anyone interested in the history of Southern Africa will love Alan’s books. Prepare to be homesick though! Alan describes so vividly Africa, the people, the animals and plant life we all grew up with. I personally wish I had asked my parents more about their experiences in Johannesburg, Mafeking and Bulawayo in the late 1800’s. PE, East London, all places we love - fascinating references in Alan’s books. Can’t wait for the next one Alan!



Amazon Review

I love reading about the unspoilt and 'raw' Africa and what it must have been like for the pioneers and early settlers going to Rhodesia. You've done such an amazing job of writing this story

Norma MacDonald

New Zealand

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Mr Landau, I am my school's top reader, and your books, in my opinion, are right up there (If not above) the classics. 

Scott Paris

Website Review (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

Well just finished "Empire".  This one is a masterful and gripping insight into in the old Rhodesia. I am pleasantly surprised and pleased by the fact that these adventurous brothers can manage so much without an expletive and there is no hint of smut or naughtiness. Whilst not a prude, it is like a breath of fresh air to read such a book. Please, my boy, keep it up and I so look forward to the next episode.


Reg Graham

Website Review (UK)

One of the best.  Writing is AMaZING!!!! I couldn’t put the book down.  Great Story!!!  

Joy M Johnson

Amazon Review

... As an editor (25 years) and a publisher for as many years, I told Richard that I will be " blunt" reading these books but you've surpassed my expectations! May I congratulate you?  Thanking you for an incredible read!

Thomas Kohler

Facebook Comment

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About the Author

Alan Landau was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) in 1959.


In 1978 he joined the British South Africa Police (formally the BSAC). At that time Rhodesia was entangled in a civil war that ended in 1980. After serving in the new Zimbabwe Republic Police for a short time, Alan retired to enter the commercial world.

Alan worked in Zimbabwe’s widely known tobacco industry for five years before joining his father and ultimately taking over the family business when his father retired to the UK. Later on, Alan was involved in the travel, tourism, hotel, property, financial, and retail sectors. His service to his community took the form of Rotary International with a committed focus on the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

Having migrated to Brisbane, Australia, in 2001, Alan bought a franchise in the retail sector, which he successfully ran with his late wife and two children. In 2012 he sold the business and went into semi-retirement. He now pursues his hobbies of writing, travelling, wildlife safaris and ornithology with his wife, Sharon.

Alan P Landau
Foreword for 'Langbourne':

(We thought we would add in Alan's foreword for his first book as it will give the reader an idea as to why he wrote it.)


My late father and grandfather would relate stories to me about the two brothers in this book. They knew them personally, albeit my

father being just a young boy at the time. Some of these stories were somewhat farfetched (as far as I was concerned) but I listened to them

in awe all the same.

Some years after they had passed away I was relating one of these stories to my children, and they suggested I write a book about it, so

I set about researching these events to see if they really did in fact happen – and the more I discovered, the more fascinated I became

with Morris and David Langbourne’s life story.

Many of the events depicted in this book are true, and can be independently researched. There are some incidents that I obviously

cannot verify, so I resorted to a little imagination to allow the story to flow in a way that I believe would have allowed certain known

facts to eventuate. I hope my readers will forgive me for some of the inaccuracies.

I find it sad to think that a story of this magnitude could so easily have slipped into historical oblivion, and therefore it is my hope that

this book will piece their stories together and bring their incredible life into the light of day for my readers to enjoy.

Alan Landau


Speaking Engagements, News and Events:

Harare, Zimbabwe - 26th February 2019  Time: 5:30 for 6:00pm

The Jam Tree,

Mount Pleasant Sports Club

40 Bargate Road, Mount Pleasant

Harare, Zimbabwe

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Cape Town - 3rd April 2019  Time: 6:00pm​

Jacob Gitlin Library

88 Hatfield Street

Gardens 8001

Cape Town

Tel: 021 462 5088

Durban, South Africa - 20th May 2019 Time: 7:00pm

Durban Holocaust and Genocide Centre


Audio Books

All four books in the Langbourne Trilogy are also available.


Superbly narrated by Adrian Galley and produced by Devon Martindale of AudioShelf, these audio books will keep you entertained for hours!

'Langbourne' - A quick sample
The Story Behind Langbourne
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