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Langbourne Social Media Preparation

Now that the manuscript for 'Langbourne' has been completed and sent to Cindy in Cape Town for editing, and the book design commissioned with Scarlett Rugers in Melbourne, I have set about designing a website about the book. This blog explains what I have done and why.

Having read a number of other blogs done by self publishers, it seems that blogging is part of the method of marketing your book. Instead of 'marketing' my book through social media and blogs, I felt more comfortable letting my readers know a little more of the 'behind the scenes' story behind my first book.

Firstly, I looked at a number of ways to create a website. By far the best, and easiest way, I found, is using I had some years ago looked at two other web design programs and a web design company, but all became either too expensive or too complicated for my needs. Wix was fantastic - needs very little tuition, and is pretty much self explanetory - hard to make mistakes, and basic sites are free! (This site is designed on Wix - a big thank you to the people at Wix - great product!)

I also needed (according to the self publisher officionados out there) a Facebook account, Twitter account and Instagram account.

First I chose website domain name that was available, in my case 'Landaubooks' was the go. I registered '' and set about with the social media stuff based on that name.

Facebook was easy, although a little confusing at first. Using my personal Facebook page, I created a new group, which I called 'landaubooks'. (You can find it by going to, although right now there is very little on there.)

Keeping with the theme name, I opened a Twitter account called @landaubooks, and same again with Instagram. Now all I need to do is create a website on Wix and host it with my new website,

And that was that, pretty easy really. Now I just need to find interesting stuff to put on there!

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