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1. 'LANGBOURNE' Book Review by Pauline Reid.

Pauline Reid, New Zealand (Book Reviewer)

Lucky Draw Leads to Book Reviews!

Last year I held a Landau Books Giveaway draw in November 2021. PAULINE REID was one of six lucky winners who each won a complete set of my six paperback books in the Langbourne Series of novels! Or was I the lucky one? What were the chances of my entire series landing up in the hands of an experienced and vividly colourful book reviewer like Pauline... Naturally, I was delighted by her win and curious as to whether she would enjoy reading each and every book?!

Pauline Reid Book Reviewer

Well, naturally she's a busy book reviewer with over a thousand followers on Instagram, so I was pleasantly surprised when her review of my first book LANGBOURNE came out in early January 2022. It was worth waiting for her unique insights.

I always enjoy seeing my books through the fresh eyes of new readers, especially those who have never set foot on African soil - much like the Langbourne brothers when they first arrived in Africa in the early 1890's.

Langbourne Review

As it turned out, this was the case with #PaulineReidBookReviewer. Her reaction to the story was fresh and totally in keeping with someone who had never experienced these strange African sights, sounds and events.

She also took the trouble to explore some of the local languages I had written about, share her favourite quotes and highlight her own personalized emotional reactions to the unique true events that unfolded in Langbourne.

Pauline's review is an interesting few paragraphs which don't give too much away. Likewise, I won't give away how many *stars* she awarded my book Langbourne. She does, however, wet your appetite so I hope you will check out the FULL review in the link below. She uses more than words, with pictures and videos too, to illustrate all she found fascinating and exciting about the story, so you won't find it boring.

Read PAULINE REID'S colourful BOOK REVIEW here -


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