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'STONE TOWN' by Margaret Hickey. [Landau Book Review]

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A new QBD book store opened recently in a mall near me. I saw it by chance and immediately had to have a look. It had a fresh feel about it and I was soon approached by a young sales associate, who recommended ‘Stone Town’ by Margaret Hickey, a new book published on July 1st, 2022.

It wasn’t really my genre, but after a brief chat about my likes and dislikes, this young lady felt I would enjoy it. I got caught up in her enthusiasm, and appreciated that she had read the book before recommending it; so, I bought the paperback.

Rural Australia

She was right, it was a great read. A modern day ‘whodunnit’ crime fiction novel, 352 pages long and set in rural Australia, which is what really appealed to my enjoyment of the novel.  Her descriptions of life in a small rural town were excellent.

Later, I looked her up online and found this on her website:“Margaret holds a PhD in Creative writing, specialising in depictions of landscape in Australian literature.” 

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was!  After recently reading ‘The Dry’ by Jane Harper (which was also excellent), I’ll be setting a course to visit rural Victoria in our motor home.

‘Stone Town’ was an excellent read, and I hope Screen Australia will make a movie on this book soon.

Highly recommended! 


Margaret Hickey mentions her first novel in this series, "Cutters End," (2021) in the YouTube VIDEO below:

(at the 2:40 min. Mark). Although "Stone Town" is still easily read as a stand alone novel too!

Margaret Hickey GOODREADS:

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