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'BWANA, There's a Body in the Bath!' by Peter Whitehead and Tony Park. [Landau Book Review]

Recommended Reading.

I have just finished reading ‘Bwana, There’s a Body in the Bath’ by Peter Whitehead and Tony Park, and I just LOVED it!

This is the true story of Peter Whitehead's most incredible life. Born in the UK, and relocated to Australia on his own at the age of 13, Peter took on everything that was thrown at him with determination and sheer courage. Australia was tough on him, and so were the horses. They tried to break him (and almost did) but he broke them instead. Then WW2 turned him into a pilot and a bomber, and always a ‘horsey’ theme prevailed. Then off to Central Africa, and the isolation and absolute wilderness, becoming a professional hunter who survived a plane crash and an ambush with a buffalo. Peter’s love and understanding of the equine world is quite extraordinary.

I drew many parallels between Peter’s tough life in both Australia and Africa with that of the Langbourne brothers in my Langbourne series. Sometimes, when we would think something is too difficult or practically impossible, with sheer grit and determination, these people just get on with it without question, and somehow prevail. I often shake my head in bewilderment or fascination at the generations that came before me.

Bwana - a special book

I found this to be a special book for two very important reasons.

Firstly, Peter has humbly recorded the history of his time in his own words and through his own eyes and experiences. These are stories that need to be told, and more importantly, recorded and passed down to the generations of the future. It is through these anecdotes that we get to really feel and understand what life was like during the early to middle periods of the last century.

The second reason I thought this book is special is because Peter actually sat down and put his story in writing. Whenever I give a presentation, I always encourage attendees to record their stories for future generations.

Stories for future generations.

I congratulate Peter Whitehead on doing just that; and more so, I commend TONY PARK for taking on Peter’s story and publishing it for the world to enjoy. I’m sure, without Tony Park’s involvement, Peter’s story may well have become lost in the haze of history.

Great book, Gentlemen. Well done!


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