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2. 'REBELLION' Book Review by Pauline Reid.

How Beats the Drum!?

Last year I held a Landau Books Giveaway draw in November 2021. PAULINE REID was one of six lucky winners who each won a complete set of my six paperback books in the Langbourne Series of novels! Or was I the lucky one? What were the chances of my entire series landing up in the hands of an experienced and vividly colourful book reviewer like Pauline? Naturally, I was delighted by her win and curious as to whether she would enjoy reading each and every book?!

Pauline Reid Book Reviewer

April 9, 2022, three months after her review of my first book LANGBOURNE in January 2021, Pauline Reid has already reviewed and read my second novel - as well as a number of other books she was reviewing at the same time, no doubt, being the prolific book reader that she is!

Rebellion Book Review

Pauline's opening statement sets the tone for the excited BOOK REVIEW she published on her Blog last month. No doubt, she cannot believe what life was like back then, when she finds herself emmersed inside the book as the boys trek deeper inside Africa in 1893.

I have to admit to laughing out loud, it was so refreshing to read Pauline's reactions to life at the end of the 19th C in 'Langbourne's Rebellion', so I am going to quote my entertaining @paulinereidbookreviewer directly right here!


"What a calamity and adventure! Holy smoke thank goodness I didn't live in 1893, I certainly wouldn't have survived the day to tell the tale. One must never cross a tribe, that's what I've learnt. "


That was just one of many things she claims to have learned from reading my novel, so I really do hope this refreshing, colourful, insightful and emotionally transparant book review will have you click the link below to her FULL review, where you can find out more and enjoy everything else she shares - as only Pauline knows best.

Thank you, Pauline. :)

Read PAULINE REID'S colourful BOOK REVIEW here -

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